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A Guide to Better Visibility for The Red Green Color Blind, and How to Calibrate Your Monitor For Better Visibility and Spotting.


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In the new Patch I had trouble seeing the tracers and I'm red / green color blind. The tracer color is in a color space that appears light grey for the red / green color blind. In terms of visibility, the color and size of the tracer, is kind of the worst case scenario for the red green color blind. The tracers look like small grey dots to the color blind, and are easily lost against the sky, snow and the trees.


After changing a few setting. I was not only able to see the tracers much better, but the appearance of the game overall was much more appealing. There was actual color and vividness to the game, it became easier to spot targets against the ground.


With my setup, I got the best results with.

  • NVIDIA  Digital Vibrance set to 75%, digital Vibrance is set high to compensate for my color blindness. So you may not need to do that.
  • Turning HDR off in game;  Unless you have an HDR monitor I would recommend keeping the in game HDR effect off. It's a post processing technique that can shift the colors to be too bright or too dark.  So it can actually make things harder to see if your monitor doesn't support that feature.
  • In game Gamma set to 1.
  • Using the windows Color Calibration tool to setup my monitor correctly.
  • Running my monitor is sRGB mode with the manufacture's recommend color profile for my monitor,
  • the monitor's contrast set to 50% and brightens set to 15%, These setting will depend on your monitor's model and the lighting conditions of your room.
  • Turning Off My monitor's eye protection and "Gaming Features".



Below is my procedure for setting up a monitor to achieve the optimum color accuracy and visibility in game. It seems like a wall of text, but It can be done in less than 15 mins.


1. Disable any extra features your monitor maybe running. 

Out of the box monitor's can be configured with a variety of settings turned on.  In order to achieve the proper color calibration,  We want to turn most of these settings off so that we are working with a blank canvas.

If your monitor has a gaming mode, start with it off,

If your monitor has "eye protection" features running you want to disable those, They move the color space to the blue region.

Anything that can effect the color output or gamma setting we also want turned off.

The only feature I would recommend turning on is, Srgb mode. Srgb is essentially, the universally agreed upon color space and gamma settings. This standard was developed so that colors look the same on different monitors. EG with this on, you should see the colors as the developers intend.


2. Check the Gamma setting on your monitor.  Try and set it to 2.2 This is recommend gamma setting for sRGB.

If you can't directly set the monitor to a gamma of 2.2; you may have to google and find out what the manufacture's gamma settings mean.

If you're in sRGB mode and can't change the gamma setting that's good. It means your monitor is using a preset to achieve the proper color space.


At this point your monitor might not look great yet. We still need to tweak a few other things first, so hang tight.


3. Download and apply your monitor's color profile in windows. Windows does a pretty good job with color accuracy in it's default profile. However better results can often be achieved by using the color profile developed specifically for your monitor.  Instructions for that process are here. 



4. Calibrate your monitor using the windows Color Calibration tool. Hit the windows button and type Calibration the window Color Calibration tool should come up. Or follow the directions here.



5. Go into the game set the gamma at 1. With the gamma at 1 and our monitor properly calibrated, we should be seeing the color space as the developers intend.


Tweak It If You're Not Happy.


A: If the game still looks washed out or grey,  you can increase the Color Vibrance via the NVIDIA control panel. Default is 50%. Increasing it changes the color saturation. As the Digital Vibrance is increased, the greens get more green and the red's get more red. You lose the midtones though. So you get more vibrant colors for the loss contrast. This tool can be very helpful if your color blind like me. As certain greens and reds can appear grey to the color blind. With this tool you can push the red's and greens into visible spectrum, to compensate for your color blindness.  I have to this relativity high, at 75%, because below this in game, many of green's and red's appear grey.  

How to Use Digital Vibrance for PUBG




To achieve similar results with an AMD card, change the saturation levels.  Via the Radeon settings. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh-021


If your still not happy you can calibrate your monitor again in windows. 


Post Script and thoughts.

Are you color Blind? Take a 5 min test and find out.



Windows also has a colorblind filters, but I found they did not work as well as Changing the Digtial Vibrance.




Why no HDR?


On the surface HDR promises more contrast. However it's a post processing filter effect often with imperfect results. It's supposed to take an area of gradation, increase the saturation of the highlight, lower the saturation of the low light and increase the number midtones between the two. The filter isn't particularity smart so it can blow out the lighting and make things worse. 



If it's not setup correctly, HDR results in lower contrast ratios. Note in the example above how all the midtones are gone before the scene is tonemapped. Under ideal circumstance the HDR filter should be applied to static lighting conditions and even then it needs to be tweaked. Which is the opposite of what we have going on in a dynamic flight sim.  I find I get better results by simply increasing the color saturation, via the Digital Vibrance setting the NVIDIA control panel. Since I'm not losing the low lights, just pushing everything up, I find this is more helpful in terms of spotting targets.

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Guys...buy a new monitor.
I had a Samsung S22B150N. I couldn't see anything when others could.
I tried every trick nothing.
Now I bought a AOC 24G2U5 Monitor, the planes are pierce my eyes I can see the planes even above the forest...and with lower monitor Response time 1-5 ms ....oh my so much easier to react, aim....
500% worth it, to buy a new monitor.

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