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I can't select a plane in coop


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I've built a very simple coop mission with a fakefield_rnwspawn. Still I can't select it when I get in. What am I doing wrong? I end up in the corner like the image... I've added my mission files too.


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Your respawn airfield is set to neutral, so you can't spawn in because you're selecting either Axis or Allied. 





In that same image, I added a duplicate airfield, but changed it to Allied (because you have Spitfires), and as you can see it's red and allows me to spawn in.




To make the change from neutral to a particular side, you need to go into the airfield's advanced properties and change the side to whatever you want.




The other airfield, Durene, is jacked up for some reason and I have no idea why. When this happens, I just create a new MCU and remove the broken MCU.



Good luck!


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