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Online Event this weekend! Operation Compass - The Pursuit Sat Sept 25 2030 UTC


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HI All,


ATAG will be hosting a series of historically based missions created by Pernix. They use custom scoring code that records all destroyed objects; aircraft, ground, buildings and ships. A detailed report will be posted 24 hours after mission conclusion showing all kills and credits.

Giarabub is the first mission. This covers the British thrust west after breaking through the Italian fort line. Italian forces are falling back in the direction of the fortresses of Bardia and Tobruk. British and Commonwealth forces are advancing rapidly but are in danger of outrunning their supply lines.

A practice mission will be staged 30 minutes before the main event. This will give players the opportunity to read the briefings, sort controls and get organized. Be there at 2000 UTC for this.

Teamspeak channels for both sides have been created on the ATAG TS server for these missions.

The Pursuit - Blue
The Pursuit - Red

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