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U2 liaison role


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Pat, in the theme of squadron specialization, could a sort of liaison role for the U2, similar to the old "agent insertion" mission type you had in Rise of Flight? Most of the books I've read by people who flew U2s, the majority of their descriptions are to do with flying to front line units to shuttle officers or messages, or locate friendly units. I'd love to see some squadrons available to fly missions like these, even if it is as simple as having a route out to a friendly arty battery and landing for a minute to make the drop off. Hopefully artillery spotting and photo/visual recon will be re-introduced with Flying Circus's career mode, but even without those I think there could be plenty of interesting flying within friendly lines trying to evade fighter patrols and finding a suitable landing position. 


Now, I imagine the AI would struggle with it if you try to order the AI to land off airfield, but I figure for AI flights having them putter around at low altitude past soviet positions would be sufficient for them appearing in the environment. 

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