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BF110 control setup


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So I'm at the part of the campaign mode where I have to fly a captured 110 to another base. I'm buggered if I can get the plane to take off. I'm assuming I have to setup my key bindings. I can turn on the engines no problems, activating throttles and magnito's etc via mouse buttons but still having issues getting any power to take off. YouTube hasn't given me any joy with the 110 key bindings. If anyone has some advise, I'd greatly appreciate it. 


I'm running the T:16000 joystick with separate throttle and pedals if that helps.

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Prop pitch. It‘s a manual prop pitch version of the 110. You need to map prop pitch commands.

When in the cockpit, look at two dials that look like clocks without numbers. Those are the prop pitch indicators. 
Don‘t now if it happens every time, but CloD has a bug in which manual prop pitch planes (German planes) will start winding down that clock (prop pitch going coarse) until the props are feathered. It won‘t generate any thrust and you will barely move if at all. 

So, as soon as you spawn in, start cranking pitch up (12 o‘clock, fine).


Same thing happening here:


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Here's an old video with a great startup tutorial, mate! This youtuber have some very good videos about Cliffs and other sims...Sad he stopped uploading videos.



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