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Using mouse to select cockpit switches


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Apologies for another noob question. I've seen videos where pilots are clicking on switches using their mouse button. Can someone explain how I set up my mouse to do this. I run my mouse over the switches and it shows a description but clicking either mouse button does not activate the switch. 

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Hi AusMedic,


only some of the cockpit controls are clickable. If the mouse cursor turns into a hand symbol, this control is clickable. If it turns into a question mark, the control is not clickable - it just reads and shows a gauge value or some description.

Some controls need a simple left mouse button clicking - typically switches like magnetos, fuel cocks, etc. Others need to be clicked and dragged to the desired direction - throttle levers, radiator controls, etc.

Have you looked at the Flashcards? These are basic guides for individual Blitz/Tobruk aircraft. Each of them contains one or more screenshots of the aircraft cockpit with highligted controls that you can operate in the cockpit.

You can find the Flashcards under the Manual option in the main game menu. They are located in pdf documents in the aircraft folder.



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