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How to avoid spin in Spitfire landing


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Whether I use the Spitfire Mk V or Mk IX (and even in other simulators like IL2 CoD or DCS), I'm fine landing the plane and getting it almost to a stop, staying well on the runway, but

.... as soon as it's almost stopped, it does a 360° turn before completely stopping. I can put as much rudder as I want, but it doesn't help.

At some point, I was wondering if the differential braking could explain this problem, as I may be applying brakes (100% since I don't have analog brakes) and rudder at the same time, but I'm not sure yet.

Any other explanation?


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Don't cut throttle to zero to let the prop give you some rudder authority the and pull back on the stick to plant the tailwheel firmly on the ground. As for the braking technique, you don't need analog brakes in the Spit. In fact, the real one doesn't have toe brakes at all, but rather a single, shared lever. The moment you see it start turning, give full opposite rudder and max brake, until it's back on the centerline. In DCS you have to be careful with that to avoid a nose-over, in Il-2 not so much. 


The Spit is well known IRL for being hard to taxi, especially on tarmac (it's a little better on a dirt field). "A lady in the air, but a bitch on the ground" has been said of it, and it's true both here and in DCS.

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