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Good evening lads!


I know that some of you are real experts in private or commercial aviation. I'm just before spending a lot of money on a DC headset. But I honestly don't know which one to buy.

Pilots at my airfield recommend the DC H10-13 passive or active. I tried it once and I pretty much like it. However, I saw that DC recently promotes the DC pro-X.

It seems to have a totally new design. Instead of the well-known oval ear cover it now has a circular one. Unfortunately I have no chance to test the DC pro-X, so I was wondering if anyone of you already got the chance to do so.

What I'm looking for is a good quality headset that last for a couple of years, preferably with active noise cancellation. However, I don't need gimmicks as for instance bluetooth support. I'll need it for private purpose only in small 1-4 seat SEP aircraft.


I appreciate any help.

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For any headset make I like a decent noise cancelling electret mic, ANR is a really nice thing to have but it can be expensive.


David Clark are quality, rugged, reliable.


Peltor make good headsets and they have a nifty feature of folding down to a compact size so it takes less space in the flight bag, not as rugged as DC but comfortable and light.


there are loads of budget headset options based on the classic DC format and work perfectly well but may not give as long a service life but are generally easy and cheap ish to maintain.

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I have not used the ProX, but I have used most other headsets out there. The ProX looks like an ANR specific design that will have some limitations that you should be aware of. 


It does improve on the old DC attributes though (other than price). David Clark headsets have usually been big, heavy, old school looks and design, reliable performance, and are usually fairly uncomfortable with a lot of clamping force....and they still charge a premium. If you do not need a TSO'd headset, I'd look to another product, or stick to their basic models like the H10-30. The 10-13 series is fairly lightweight, but I think they missed the mark.  A H10-13.4 I owned for a few days was unimpressive. The earcup build quality was poor, the noise reduction was minimal, and simply not enough for the types of aircraft I fly. For the money there were far better headsets from Lightspeed like their QFR series. As far as DC goes,  I prefer the bigger, heavier (uglier)  H10-30 as that is the type of headset that DC does well. It's a fine student headset, and later on, it makes a good passenger headset (which is what mine is used for mostly.  I don't worry about passengers handling it since it's so tough, it's simple for them to use with only a single volume knob on the earcup. I wouldn't wear it very much myself though, because the weight of it, the strong clamping force, and the "only OK" passive noise reduction (PNR) just don't cut it for me.


Lightspeed makes some nice headsets that are lighter weight, have better active noise cancellation, but are a little more fragile than DC. You'd need to find a used one, but the Lightspeed QFR solo is a cheap, light, quiet PNR headset, and the QFR Cross country added active cancellation - sadly they don't make these anymore, so you'd need to look on eBay or something.  I own the 20XL2 as well as the Zulu. The 20XL is comfy and decent for the pricepoint, the only annoying thing about it is the headpad material and earcup material which need to be replaced somewhat often. The Zulu is amazing, but the passive noise reduction is not great, so keep a spare set of batteries around if you go that route. 


The ProX appears to be a headset that will really only work so long as the active noise reduction is operational. The passive noise reduction of those earcups is obviously going to be minimal, this also means they need to form a good seal over your ears, as any airgaps will make active noise reduction (ANR) do unpleasant things. In really loud airplanes, I do not like using headsets that acheive most of their noise cancellation via electronic noise reduction....getting a lot of ANR to go along with good PNR is the best (peltor does this well, with their old headsets). I do see how the ProX would be cooler on hot days, and work better when you are wearing sunglasses...but I don't think I'd want to accept the poor PNR and the need to place them in exactly the right place on my ears in order for them to work. 


My personal headset usage favors the Lightspeed Zulu for your typical travelling airplane flight, but ANR headsets are not good in open cockpit airplanes, or really loud airplanes.  The Zulu has low clamping force, lightweight, great sound quality, and it's quiet.


My favorite headset though is the Clarity Aloft "in the ear" headset. It's a little more "fiddly" since you have to insert earplugs, essentially (and you want to do this with clean hands, AVGAS/oil in your ears is not good), but the Clarity aloft is simply the lightest headset you can buy, it is comfortable on hot days and during long flights (and I'm sure it's better than the DC ProX which will still cause sweaty ears) for tall pilots like me it's much nicer in tight cockpits like the Mooney, or in aerobatic airplanes where it won't scratch the canopy, or add more weight to my head when pulling/pushing G's, and the passive noise reduction is very good, even in the loudest cockpits....and it doesn't cost you money (batteries) every time you use it!


In summary, consider getting a decent PNR headset like a Peltor, Sigtronics, David Clark or used Lightspeed QFR  passenger headset and a clarity aloft for the same money (or less) than a single ProX. You'll have the best of both worlds...super light, no sweaty ears or hotspots, quiet, affordable, no loss of headroom...oh, and it won't mess up your new haircut!


PROOF: here's my Clarity Aloft in action on haircut day:



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