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bombsight - a plane?


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Just saw this in the ME, is it new and what can you do with it?  Starting it set as picture shows normal or as player freezes IL2 ...

even had windows mouse control malfunctioning.

_BombSight Plane.jpg

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Well it's not a plane that's for sure.  No 3D object is associated with it.

When I tried to fly the mission I got an "Undefined Object graphics\planes\aircodh4\bombsight.mgm" and a game freeze but was able to Task Manager out of the game.

The Airco DH4 can be used as a bomber but WWI planes bombsight was look over the edge of the cockpit and either throw bomb or trip release lever.

Yet another undocumented "feature"(?).  I do wish that when they added things like this they made some kind of mention as to it's function or something. :mda:


I searched the game folder looking for the file but couldn't find it.  Might be encoded in a gtp file.  Too many of them to go through each one to see if it is there.

Could be a left over artifact?




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