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Hello to all! I'm pleased to finally be able to have something to contribute here! Take a look around and if you see anything you like you can get yourself a copy through


Haluters Skin Downloader.




First up are a few USAS Camels I've painted up. While not based on any historical photos, I feel they do a good job covering a wide range from practical to garish.

I like a bit of color on my Entente aircraft; those Central pilots can't have all the fun!







Additionally, I've also put together some Bristols as well. As of now they're for the Falcon III, but I fully intend on giving the FII attention when I can get to it!







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While I will be adding these when available ‘cause there pretty good!, you understand that the "star” emblem was only for use outside the Western Front (were Camels available in the States?) - the roundel emblem was used in the Western Front theater for commonality with the US Allies……

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I'm happy to hear you like them and I appreciate the information!


I had read about the switch to the bullseye style roundel to match other Entente member's markings. I ended up using the star ones because I find them way more attractive myself. The interwar period inspired both the yellow wings and use of stars, but I did style the stars after the early ones, pre 1919. I tagged the skins as "Fictional" instead of "Generic" on HSD because of my choices.


I've seen some conflicting information on the rudder markings, but as I currently understand the US aircraft with star roundels prior to the switch to bullseye had the blue section leading. It wasn't until the switch to the bullseye roundels that the US started fielding aircraft with a red leading edge on the rudders. Right now my skins are a bit of a hybrid, assuming the above is correct. If I can get some more solid sources then I may end up revising them to have blue leading rudder edges, that way they're all more of an early style.

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It took me a little longer than intended (mainly due to work/learning how to make a proper alpha channel), but I finally put together matching Bristol F.2B (Falcon II) skins. I've made a number of improvements compared to the originals. I have made the following changes to the Falcon III skins as well and am in the process of getting those skins updated on HSD. Here is some more detail for anyone who may be curious as to what was changed:

  • New, slightly less reflective alpha for both the Bristol variants, for all the skins I've skinned for them
  • Much sharper lettering on the dark stenciling (was blotchy when viewed up close before)
  • Flipped the rudder markings to blue-leading on skins with US star roundels 
  • Repainted the empennage on the red, white, and blue skins to make them more striking and distinct from the others
  • Rotated the star on the red, white, and blue skins to correct clipping with existing wheel details
  • Relocated the star on the green and yellow skin's wheels to the side of the aircraft
  • Added "Good Luck" to the upper surfaces of elevators on the green and yellow skins
  • And a few more minor fixes







I've also put together one more skin for both the Falcon II and III


US Air Service "bullseye" roundels on green. I reversed the rudder markings to red-leading. Hopefully those who aren't fans on seeing the star roundels on the front can enjoy these.



And finally, Nieuports, because when I feel like suffering in the skies I want to be able to look good while doing it.










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