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Any volunteer to test latest Xeon processors? (W-1350 and W-1350P)


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From last spring Intel released those 6 and 8 cores Xeon processors which are cheap (255$ the W-1350 with 6 cores) and very good at single-threaded, on pair with the Ryzens 5900X and 5800X!!!

They use the socket FCLGA1200, the same than the Intel 11th gen, so there are plenty of Mobos for that.


They are listed here https://www.cpubenchmark.net/CPU_mega_page.html  (filtered by Server and shorted by Thread Mark)




If you have a motherboard with that socket or are thinking on an upgrade, those new Xeon chips could be a worth option.

If anyone press the button, please test them with the SYN_VANDER CPU test. Thanks!

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