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I.A.R.-80/81 References Topic.


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At the moment the most complete reference about IAR is Radu Brinzan`s book - Vanator.

But yet if there is something elce available about it - it would be great, so if you have something interesting regarding this airplane - please help us with it.


At the moment the most interest it:

- is there any more detailed photos of Romanian modification of gunsight - I.A.R.-I.O.R Teleflex gunsight, maybe there is any kind of its detailed description available? Actually its clear, that the handle at the left - changes gunsight mirror angle, but thats it. High res photos of gunsight, one exemplar is available in Military Museum in Bucharest, maybe someone nearby can take some close-up photos?;

- if there any mode details about control stick for both - IAR-80 and 81 (single grip and spade grip)? Especially about bombs electrical switch/selector located on its lower part - how it operated?;

- any kind of detailed performance references, evaluation test and such, weight of airplane parts;

- high res photos of any kind related to airplane.



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There are a couple of pages on Facebook with links to groups that have plans to build a flight worthy reproduction IAR 80.  Maybe they would be good sources of information? http://www.iar80.org/?fbclid=IwAR0z9MoSVC_BH2EjHVsCfEjKrs-oLxwOUC0jGbUkgMI9qsIk6oYiKo4Ec7Q#section0.    https://www.iar80flyagain.org/?fbclid=IwAR0VACdKJQZFOdRvnx3W3kJFDI9UMFuyLGKkliG6sswkVgzECCiAkvXCi-o

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@=FB=VikS, it seems like the gunsight was a modification of the model used on the Hurricane Mk II:








From what I tell from this image, the data plate says:




[Unknown] I.A.R.

[Unknown] I.A.R. [Unknown]


The middle ring says DISTANTA | MTR. 100. The settings seem to be 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


The bottom ring says BAZA | MTR. The range settings seem to go 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.




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Sorry for showing up so late. I got a month suspension.

 VikS do you guys have Radu's book? 

 He released two of them the first one is around 70 pages and the second one is a lot more detailed. 

I have both of them. 

 If you don't have it I can scan everything you need and send you. I sent some scans to Jason about a month ago. Right now I'm not at home and I can't scan, but I can take photos of the pages you need and send them to you.

At home I have more stuff and I'll send you when I get home.


Anyway. Here are the pages from the book about gunfight.  If you need high resolution scans I can do that in a few days.













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11 hours ago, Jaws2002 said:

Sorry for showing up so late. I got a month suspension.

 VikS do you guys have Radu's book? 


Hi Jaws!


Yes - we have it.

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Cool. I'll see what else I can find when I get home. 

 Thank you for doing the IAR. :salute:

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Sorry for the late replay...Life keeps getting in the way of fun.



Here's some IAR-80/81 stuff that i found at home. It's mostly info that is available here or there online.



 If you need me to translate some parts of those manuals I could do that. 

I'm in Canada and can't go to the Museum to take some photos of the gunsight and control column. I did contact some people in Romania, from the society that tries to build a IAR-80, but no answer so far. 


 About the gunsights.

 The IOR gunsight is a license built copy of the Goertz G2 and internally is identical and function is identical. The only things different are the lens attachment. The reticle dimmer 1.) is attached on a hinge and it can be dropped horizontally in front of the sight. like in this photo:




As you can see the reticle dimmer is folded down in front of the sight by pushing that front lever on the left-front. The larger lever 2.) adjusts the mirror angle. At least that's how it's explained on page 194 i posted in the earlier post.



The rings are explained by Luke. Top ring is range to target in hundreds of meters. :   DISTANTA  I  MTR x 100

 bottom ring is for wingspan  in meters:     BAZA I  MTR

The adjustment and reticle is explained on page 192 where it explains the Goretz gunsight.


The bombing controls are a bit more complicated.

 There's a distribution box on the right wall where you can select witch bomb do you want to drop. Because the wing stations could also carry fuel tanks, there's one button for each station. Left wing, center and right wing. It's on the bottom of this photo marked with 172.



Next controls differ for IAR-81 and IAR81C. 

IAR81 (6x7.92mm mgs + bombs) used the stick type control column. and bombs were dropped with the machine gun "trigger"/lever on the stick. You could switch the function of the trigger from firing machine guns to dropping bombs. There's a selector for center bombs and one for wing bombs. The selector for wing bombs is in the center- bottom of the control panel in this image marked with 1.:



When the knob is turned left the trigger shoots MGs and when it's rotated right it drops wing bombs or drop tanks. The Bomb control panel, marked with 2 on that image, does the same thing, but for the center bomb. On top of that it connects the dive brake to the trigger, so when you drop the center bomb, it would also automatically retract the flaps/dive brake. 

  The knob for the wing guns was moved on the control stick for IAR-81C, and it's place was taken by the tap for the second oil radiator. 

I wasn't able to find more info about the spade grip. I know it had three buttons on the top of the oval grip, The center was for the radio, and the other two were one for MGs and one for cannons. The brake was moved to the lever in the center of the ring.

I only saw a small drawing for this spade grip, it's marked with number 208 in this image. Top right. 1018602252.thumb.jpg.74c51d1fe168b0f47ad504d8ac72243d.jpg


If i get something else from Romania I'll post it.


Good luck.


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A little more info, harder to find, about the IAR-80 B weapons, because this guns are not modelled yet in game.

 This version was armed with four 7.92x57mm FN Browning machines guns and a pair of 13.2x99mm FN browning machine guns.

 This 13.2mm guns were a modernized and improved version of the US.50 Browning, chambered in the 13.2x99mm Hotkiss cartridge, that was a lot more wide spread in Europe at the time, than the original .50BMG. This are made by the Belgian weapons company Fabrique National.

It was lighter and faster firing than the original .50.

here are some drawings and specs of the gun:





What is harder to find are the specs of the ammo. FN made this guns specially to be used in aircraft, so they developed a very effective high explosive round. This guns caused a lot of interest in 1939-1940, but Belgium was occupied in 1940 and only Romania, Sweden and Finland got this guns. The Finns got them in 12.7mm loading, so the high performance 13.2mm was only available to Sweden and Romania.


Here are the specs of the ammunition:



IF you model this version of the IAR, this will come in handy since this info is rather hard to find. 

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