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It's July 10th, 1940 - and TWC 113 Days Campaign is LAUNCHED


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The 113 Days of the Battle of Britain--the first military campaign in history fought entirely by air forces--were July 10th through October 31st, 1940.


It's July 10th once again - and the TWC 113 Days Campaign is launched!
The map currently stands at +0.
You will scout, you will ferry, you will escort, you will bomb, strafe, and dogfight.
Your country and your fellow pilots are depending on you.


Pushing the front all the way across the Channel and establishing a beachhead on the opposite shore will require +7,000 campaign points for your side - the most ever achieved. The courage and the strength - the skill and the daring - the coordination and the teamwork - the sacrifice - the guts - it will require for you and your team to reach that point will be immense.
Establishing that beachhead at great cost, you must then launch a massive attack on a difficult, dangerous, and well-hidden secret target that will be revealed at that time.
If the attack succeeds, you win.
If it fails, it will lead to a catastrophic loss that will set your side back - and will give the other side the opportunity to establish their own beachhead and attempt their own final attack.
It will be a very long 113 Days, indeed.
Good Luck and God Speed to one and all.
113 Days Campaign Resources
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During the first two weeks of the 113 Days Server, Red came out strong, gaining a lead of around 1200 points. (7000 points required to set the end-game in motion.)

But over the last week, Blue has fought back hard, first bringing the Campaign to a stalemate at 1200 points and now fighting back to bring the lead down to just 1000 points. Follow the back & forth of the battle over time on the Team Stats page.

Click image for larger version.   Name: sturmovik-groundtarget-shot_20210723_030136.png  Views: 0  Size: 389.6 KB  ID: 51834

What's new in the TWC 113 Days Server:

* Implementation of "sturmovik pilot" career. It is a separate career path so that you can fly sturmovik/Zerstoerer/ground attack-fighter-bomber/strike-fighter type aircraft, and have fun flying them and doing the things they are good at, while not messing up your separate "fighter pilot" and "bomber pilot" careers. Typical sturmovik aircraft are the Beaufighter, JU-87, 110, Ju-88C.

* Convoy targets! They actually drive/move down the road. They are ideal targets for the ground attack/strike/Zerstoerer/sturmovik aircraft and careers.

* Sturmovik Cover Squadrons - lead a small group of sturmovik aircraft to attack enemy ground targets, ground objectives, convoys, motorcades, etc.

* Ship targets - that you can take out with your torpedos Warm up your Wellington-torpedo & HE111H-6s - because there are plenty of juicy ship targets all around the map.

* Also . . . SUBMARINE targets lurking just off your shoreline . . . if you can find them. And torpedo them.

* You can bring in cover bombers with torpedos on both sides. Wellington Trop Torpedo for Red, and HE-111H-6s with torpedo load-out for Blue.

Click image for larger version.   Name: torpedo-double-shot_20210721_024232.png  Views: 0  Size: 123.1 KB  ID: 51835

* Seaplanes & seabases used by AI aircraft to launch shore patrols. (No player-flyable seaplanes in the sim yet, unfortunately.)

* New advance airfields opened on both sides - just a few of the hardiest aircraft, but close to the front and the action, like Hawkinge, Wissant . . .

* Most advanced fighter aircraft restricted to higher ranking officers, and to airfields more in the rear - the advanced fighters are still available if you build your rank, and are willing to fly them in a few km from the rear. But the balance of aircraft & power is a lot better when most fighters are those that actually flew in the mid- to late- 1940s time frame, and those who are flying the more advanced fighters are very concerned about preserving the aircraft. Anyone can fly a fighter up through Spitfire II and 109E-7.

* Make your own forward air base! 3-4 friends fly to an unused landing field, then chat command <makelg. For details & help, chat command <lghelp. This just might come in handy during the final phase of the Campaign . . . if we ever get there.



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Hi I’m having issues joining server gets to 100 percent then stays there any advice ? Was on last night great server 

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Server load times are pretty excessive now, takes several minutes to load most times.

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