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AVG (American Volunteer Group)


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Thank you for your excellent work! 😍


Resurrecting the tough fighting history of the AVG is always one of my dreams,  it occupies a special place in my heart and also my fellow Chinese friends. These mere a hundred Hawk 81A aircraft squeezed from RAF order and these temporarily resembled men put a great fight against Japanese army airforce at south-western China and Indo-china. Although it's not anything near a formidable force, it represent the great friendship and cooperation between allies against the facist Japanese in the darkest hour for the Chinese airforce.


This link my help you with some reference, and I may have some more photos and reference for you later, please keep up your good effort! :drinks:



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13 hours ago, zzzxxxxzzz said:

AVG N°68


I believe she is among the most famous AVG P-40s.😝 Thank you for your gorgeous work!

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