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Would like some feedback on using VPN for Multiplayer

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Living in Ecuador has only a couple of drawbacks and one of them is getting decent ping rates on the MP servers. We have great fiber internet, but many of the servers I want to try are just to far away, with Combat Box being the only decent ping I can achieve here because it is N. America based (nothing wrong with Combat Box I jus want to try a few others as well). I am strongly considering getting VPN service, not just for flying but also to avoid the sucky geo-locked situation on Amazon Prime, etc..


So I was hoping some of the community might have some input on their experiences and use of a VPN service. I am a little concerned if it will cause problems with IL-2 due to IP changes, port forwarding issues etc. I have looked closely at the better rated VPNs that also get good gaming ratings, but those websites don't answer some of my concerns to my satisfaction. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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im in taiwan and have same problem, VPN wont help as the ping is due to the physical limits of the speed of light, will still take some time from the internet even with fiber optics all the way, to travel through the twists and bends of the network from s. america or asia to europe for example

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