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Developer Diary 283 - Discussion


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13 hours ago, Bremspropeller said:

Didn't they also use WP?


What about frag bombs? Normandy really is calling for those.


Yes, as the igniter mixed with the fuse. The developers of the gel reported that it stuck to the muscle tissue of the victims and continued to burn for days. Factoids like that are what caused it to be considered close to criminal. Certainly a bit morbid and unpleasant.

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11 hours ago, Tonester said:

Love your work guys…just a question, are any of the maps in our great sim big enough to ever really need drop tanks? I wouldnt have thought so but cant imagine them going to all this trouble for just a visual thing so is there a plan for much much bigger maps? Once again, love your work…you lot give astounding value for money…DCS should take notice of this business model me thinks


There's been a few times where I've run out of fuel on the Rhineland map. Particularly on a long mission in the fuel hungry Tempest. It's not only distance that matters but also ability to stay on station and patrol for a longer period of time where the tanks become useful.

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