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little but effective graphic tip


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i have some problem with ingame lighting and the tone of the color in default game

it looked either overly bright(when i turn on HDR) or too dark(when i turn off HDR to counter balance that)

and also the aircraft looks too shiny and refective to my eyes 


the solution was too simple

use ingame  

gamma setting

the way to use HDR at the same time get the correct tone and feel of the lighting was done by adjusting gamma setting 

in my eyes the sense of 3d depth is improved and aslo the realistic matty feel of the surface of the aircraft is achieved with this simple setting 


my graphic setting on the screenshot is



Gamma- 0.8

graphic quality-ultra


canopy reflection- high


4k skin enabled

sharpening enabled

HDR enabled

SSAO enabled



and here's a result








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I found the same thing. I could not get coloring correct the way I liked it. Than I turn off all gamma settings off only used ingame gamma. Much for my taste. 

Res 2560x1440

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