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Turret Revolve and Gun Elevate/Depress Commands


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Hello people, I am an old flight and tank simmer. I have everything set up but the commands for turret revolve and gun elevate/depress. I was having no trouble with these, but I experimented with some other keys, and all has gone very sideways. Now I cannot get get the turret to revolve, or the gun to elevate, and depress. I saw something about a gun lock. I thought this was the problem (I assumed “Set/Retract Supports” was the gun lock).Can you help me? I, as usual with tank sims, am using just my keyboard. I do know that the engine has to be running to use the turret controls. 

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I discovered the problem. I had to hit “T” which is “Hydraulic turret actuator,” but shown as “Machinegun take/leave control” on the command key chart in the game. 


Pass this on to all noobs!!!!!!!!

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