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Combat Air Patrol

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S! all


Fleetwood Mac won't allow me to put this on YouTube, so it's from my google drive.


This was probably the most realistic encounter on Jasta 5's Flugpark I've ever had. 2 Se5s co alt as bait, with another 2 Se5s as top cover. It nearly worked because Winkelmann spotted the 2 co alt and wanted to attack, but luckily Spitfire and me were looking for a trap and saw the 2 high Se5s. There then followed a furious battle which resulted in Entente losing any advantage, and so went home, while Spitfire's controls were damaged and Winkelmann was steaming, so we went home. It was a 1st for me, 2 caps meet, fight, and everyone gets home.


Salute to 76 Sqn and Gascan.


Music by Fleetwood Mac and, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul.


You might have to set the quality to HD yourself.





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Cheers for posting chap! As you say, was the sort of encounter which you read about.

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A great fight and a great video, J5 Daedallus. 


Returned to base with a few holes in my trusty Se5A.






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