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Problem with multiple remote console calls ?

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I have several scripts that use the remote console to monitor AI or to allow admins to run commands.
I am forced to wait several seconds between calls otherwise I get errors ("[WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine". I am on windows).
Do I have to live with it and do slow interactions with the server or is it likely to be a problem with my socket client code or OS?
Is it better on linux ?

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I usually allow at least 500ms between calls and have never experienced that problem on Windows or Linux.  I take it you are reusing the same connection all the time, not re-establishing a new one each time.

If you do run under Linux, there is (or was) an issue with a socket becoming unresponsive over time, perhaps after several thousand calls, necessitating periodic script abort followed by a restart after a delay of about one minute.


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