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SAAO or HDR ( Questions on Rift S)

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Hi guys, i hope that everyone will be fine..


Here some questions:

What can i do for spotting contacts ( Better ) ? , i notice that SAAO reduce a lot the windshield brightness ( Wich helps alot to see through), but its hard to see the enemy aircraft agains the ground ( even more if you have at low level the gamma ). Should i use HDR instead that SAAO? and why?.


This are my cfg settings: I use OTT with ASW off , SS at 1,3 and Open Composite.


[KEY = graphics]
    3dhud = 0
    adapter = 0
    bloom_enable = 0
    canopy_ref = 1
    desktop_center = 0
    detail_rt_res = 1024
    draw_distance = 0.27400
    far_blocks = 1
    fps_counter = 0
    fps_limit = 0
    full_height = 480
    full_width = 640
    fullscreen = 1
    gamma = 1.00000
    grass_distance = 0.00000
    hdr_enable = 0
    land_anisotropy = 2
    land_detail = 0
    land_tex_lods = 0
    max_cache_res = 1
    max_clouds_quality = 1
    mgpu_compatible = 0
    mirrors = 0
    msaa = 1
    multisampling = 0
    or_ca = 0.00000
    or_dummy = 0
    or_enable = 1
    or_height = 2304
    or_hud_rad = 1.50000
    or_hud_size = 0.75000
    or_ipd = 0.05800
    or_sipdc = 0.00000
    or_width = 2144
    post_sharpen = 1
    preset = 1
    prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = 155
    rescale_target = 1.00000
    shadows_quality = 2
    ssao_enable = 1
    stereo_dof = 5.00000
    vsync = 0
    win_height = 768
    win_width = 1024



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Roughly speaking:

- HDR (high dynamic range) will try to keep all things bright and dark on your screen at a certain level of brightness/exposure - this is most obvious with the contrast between cockpit vs sky, with HDR on both are always visible with HDR off you will find situations in which the cockpit is much darker. With higher gamma values HDR can also over-expose the sky resulting in it being far less blue.

- SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) adds "fake" shadows based on computations made on the whole of the screen space, it can make objects appear more solid and add depth and the illusion of more detail.


IMO none of the above directly help with spotting and both affect performance. SSAO, while it does look a tiny bit better in the cockpit I find no benefit in using it. I've played alternately with HDR on and off and see no direct difference in my ability to spot but I do find that in longer sessions it is easier on my eyes to go with HDR off and low gamma (.6 or .7 depending on lighting conditions) so indirectly it affects my spotting. What does help is keeping supersampling/pixel density as low as possible and using MSAA - with the Rift S I use 1.1 pixel density and 2x MSAA with sharpen off as I hate the shimmer it induces. The result is that the PD bump helps with instrument legibility and somewhat with IDing distant planes and MSAA further reduces shimmer, in the nvidia control panel I also have set it to clamp the negative LOD bias. I also ended up turning off canopy reflections, while I like the effect it has on the instruments I find that the actual reflection on the canopy itself is very often wrong and ultimately distracting.

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