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How do I download Skin Mods for Tank Crew.

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Hi there. Forgive me but I am not the most savvy person with technology. I have seen some amazing skins other people have created for tank crew and I would love to download these and try them out if the skin creators are fine with that. Unfortunately I can't seem to workout how you get them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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the skins created are there for people to use, don't worry ... for that, use the given link (often colored in blue, sometimes in bold and underlined ...). once downloaded (and unzipped if necessary), copy / paste the folder or file into your "tank crew" folder like this ...


find your game folder (me, it's in steam for example), then follow this path ... 


D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins


in skins'sfolder, paste the skin in the vehicule's folder associate...


I hope I helped you....



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Download the skin from whatever link the skin creator provides. Then open your IL-2 folder and go to data -> graphics -> skins. You'll see a folder for every tank and plane in the sim. Then just put the skin file you downloaded in the appropriate folder (e.g. a Tiger skin goes in the folder named "PzVI-H1").


edit: moustache just beat me to the punch there lol

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I would just add this bit of experience as a guy who had to figure it out on his own too.  

1.) You only need the .DDS file placed in your Skin/Tank folder.  When you download the skins off this forum, some of the zipped files come with lots of other "stuff" (layers of files) that you don't necessarily need and that might mess up the games ability to extract and use the skin in-game.

2.) In the game you have to click on the Custom choice in the skin applet in the tank set up section.  If the game is reading the file correctly you will find the skin there.

3.) If you are playing any of the on-line servers, your skin will not be visible to other players unless that have that same skin downloaded in their files.  You will see the skin in your game, but most others will see the default Official skin on their PC's.


Have fun buddy

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