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🎥 [RESULTS!!] The Art of War: Short film competition

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I'd like to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone who took part, and to everyone who took an interest and shared the event around! It was certainly a lot of fun to organise and I'm proud to say that it was a success. 

The judges and I spent just over 3 hours judging and getting through all of the entries and by the end of it, it was really difficult trying to pick the winners from all of the amazing entries...! After much discussion and thinking and re-watching, we are excited to announce the winners of the Art of War short film competition!

First Place goes to IRRE_FlyPlatypus with his film "Nose Art War"


And second place goes to -WAT- with his film "Aggressors"

Please take a moment to appreciate the submissions of our winners!

It was very difficult to come to a decision on who to choose. Therefore, myself and the other judges would like to give an honourable mention to some other contestants and their films:

SchrodingerDeeps with his documentary, "Destructive Innovation - Submarine Warfare"



ITAF_Artiglio with his film "Francesco Baracca: in His Memory"



Mikmak with his film "Souvenirs de Campagnes Francophones"



Lemsip with his film "Fury in the Sky,"



LeLv30_Redwing, with his film "30th Fighter Squadron series: Episode I - 'The Jug'"




If your entry didn't make it to the announcement, please don't feel bad. The judges and I enjoyed every single entry and it was so hard to choose so few from so many. 

I hope to see all of you again during the next competition!

We would also like to thank our generous sponsors, GVL, Monstertech, FoxxMount, I Fly Central, Requiem and TangoTown. 

Thank you all for participating and please take some time to appreciate the films featured here!


~TangoSierra of Raven Squadron


P.S. Winners, please reach out to me via Discord or at tangosierraofficial@gmail.com so that we can organise getting your prizes to you!


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First of all, I thank the organizers of this event who have given way to compete in this category and not only in the sim. A huge huge thank you goes to my ITAF Squadron who "supported and endured" me throughout my journey as a beginner "filmmaker :)"
What about the competition has come to an end, and I honestly did not believe I would reach this result, this makes me hope for an even more competitive future and my next goal for the new edition will be to unseat IRRE_FlyPlatypus from the throne 😁 joke. ..nothing to complain about the judgment of the judges really a fair and balanced result.
Thanks again to all of you and those crazy IL2 BoS programmers 🤗



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These are all great, thanks to all who put the effort in! 


I got a huge dose of nostalgia watching 'Aggressors' - anyone else recognise the footage and voiceovers from '80's classic documentary series 'Reaching For The Skies'? Surely one of the best aviation series ever produced. And a theme song tune that in no way was cashing in on the popularity of a certain movie featuring a short man and f-14s...




Honestly, its about a perfect theme tune IMHO, pulling out all the old tricks, Elgar contra-bassline, relentless key changes, classic Queen style 5ths doubling the lead guitar. what's not to like?!

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