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Fw190-A5 of Stab Adjutant II/JG54 Pskov Russia March 1943

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I came across a model that caught my eye as it was unusual and made a skin based on that. The skin was based on an Eduard model but I was unable to find any period photo or pilot name to go with it. Only thing I did find was that a number of Stab aircraft of JG54 used a similar camo pattern but b/w photos didn't give any info on colours used.











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This Fw 190A-5 was the  Geschwader Kommodore's one,the Major Hubertus von Bonin, successor of Oblt Hannes Trautloft and ex I.JG 54 and II.JG52 Gruppe Kommandeur.

Nice job. 😉




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16 hours ago, -=[]=-little-Guardian said:

Thank you flowbee,


interesting color scheme . . . and as always perfectly executed! 🧙‍♂️


Greetings   little Guardian



Did you ever make a desert skin for a Fw190?

Apart from the Schrotter skin it turns out (to my surprise) that I haven’t.  I think this might be because having an air cooled engine it wasn’t as suitable as the 109’s but I’m not sure. I know that in July ‘42 at Castelo Benito in Lybia, Erprobungskommando 19 evaluated the 190 and 109’s for a couple of months to test suitability in desert conditions. I’m doing a couple of skins for this group at the moment (Once you got me thinking). One is semi-historical and the other will be historical.


Also my skins won’t be going to HSD as I do a lot of updating as I find errors. I think it is a great idea though for those looking for something specific.

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There is always errors on a skin, I just experiment this issue for one of my G6 🙄, but keep in mind that we actually have the possibility to update the skins already uploaded and it will be much easier with the next updates of HSD 😉

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