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Hi there,


Rheinland, new campaign. First day.
After an extrange vision in Tacview I have checked the .mission to find out that:


* All trucks (fromm convoys) are:
- Underground
- And some under a bridge ramp

*The programmed general WP to E (to german) or NW (to allied) bring all trucks soon (mostly) or later to the bottom of a river. 



May be setting them with 'On Road formation' would alleviate the problem but this is an often blown up bridge scenario and IA doesn't check for bridges...

Very dificult task keeping this enormous world working.
Thanks again Patrick


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If you use the ME it will drop ground units at the correct elevation of the ground, but I do not have access to elevation data from PWCG.  I know that putting trucks on the bridge at zero altitude will put them under it.  Putting units on the map at zero altitude tends to produce the correct results.


I start my trucks off the bridge, usually up the road about 200 meters, at zero altitude.  The trucks are grouped using the formation command.  The trucks should drive on the bridge if they start off the road.  Not sure whether those trucks were not started back far enough or whether they just drove into the water.


It's possible that I set up the truck convoy near the bridge and then destroyed the bridge in a separate decision during mission generation.  That is something I can verify: don't blow up a bridge if it's used by a convoy.

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