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Request - Tomahawk Pilot Combat Tips

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Hello Folks,


Any tips on how best to use the Tomahawk II in combat in MP, in the desert, would be very gratefully received.


I shall soon be flying the Tomahawk in MP and would very much appreciate any tips, particularly beyond the basics, obvious and well know.  Perhaps, for example, things like loadout recommendations, guns convergence recommendations, fuel loads, manoeuvring/handling in combat vs opposition aircraft, optimum radiator settings, boost settings and rpm settings for prevailing circumstances, etc.  Anything to help give an edge over the Bf 109 Tropical variants, and others. 


I have searched around the forums and found what I believe to be the basics, but so far I have been unable to uncover any of the secret ways of the Tomahawk that I am sure must be out there.  Probably because they are secret :)


Thanks in anticipation.


Happy landings,





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hiya talisman, how you doing mate

No good me telling you how to fly or shoot in it - your better than me anyway (dont think I have actually fired tomahawk guns against an aircraft yet).

For ammo API API and API. Here its modelled and effective. For A2A, the 2 50cals, the M20 APIT is probably the best even though it was almost certainly never used/available when the tomahawk was in service (dont think it arrived until 44 but I'm sure someone will put me straight). However also the M8 API is good (again not sure it was used in 1941/42) and can mix in AP if wished.

4 off wing, 303s, same as we stuffed in spits and hurris, "de wilde" and AP.

For strafing/GA I tend to stick to AP as API doesnt really provide much extra  zip so I have separate load outs (neither is gonna hurt a tank).

There  are now flash cards for basics re engine management, I believe 54" MP is the max limit (irc @3000rpm) but as the MP gauge doesnt go that high (cheap american kit) you need to exercise some intuition (watch the rpm). At least you do not have to worry about an engine timer but overtemps/ rpm and MP can fail - particularly in Tobruk where its hotter (although having had it snow on me twice last three days cycling - anywhere will feel warm :)).

60% fuel should be sufficient, think it leaves one tank empty (I might be confusing the kittyhawk). Dont forget you need to switch tanks when one is drained. Although if you get lost you might miss the extra - but not when in a fight.

It still wont compete well against an F2 or F4, it will win an energy fight by just simply zooming or climbing out.

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