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Birthday Giveaway Winner Selections

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Sorry to make a thread for this, but I figured the other winners can use it besides myself.


I assumed the options would be limited to planes, but I see one choice already made was BON?




That's extremely generous. I therefore humbly, gratefully, and greedily choose BON (Battle of Normandy, to be excessively clear) as my freebie.


If for some reason it's not possible (like only one BON winner is allowed), then my secondary choice is the Macchi C.202.


Thanks very much in advance.

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I think I own everything content wise but I'd love to gift a copy of Bodenplatte to my brother. So I'll take a copy of BoP I think he'd dig the planeset. Thank you!


I don't think he's registered or made an account yet on the IL2 website he doesn't own any version of the sim yet.

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Still need Jim_Hawker to give his choice for a freebie; he's the last winner.


Unless he's already sent Mr. Williams a private message. I would've done so, but in the last post of the birthday thread, Jason says to post our choices. So I'm taking his directions literally (but can't in that thread, because it's now locked).

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2 hours ago, Jim_Hawker said:

Ahh sorry, yeah I sent a DM for Tank Crew as the thread was closed. 👍


That likely would've been the more sensible thing for me to do. Yet here I am.


I was tempted by Tank Crew, as I went through a tank phase about ten years ago; but now I'm in full plane obsession mode.

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