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Tempest and Se5A squadrons

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Hi Bulldog,


Tangmere Pilots have just finished flying the Tempest but we do still fly it in non-official ops and will fly it again in the future. We also do fly FC everyone and then,

We fly full real every now and then too. We have over 30 regular pilots and fly our official ops each Sunday at 9pm GMT.

Check us out and see what you think, click the link below.



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Hello Bunny,


I think I used to fly with you quite a lot when I was with Tangmere Pilots. 


Fly the Tempest, 109, Ju 88 and Se5A mainly these days.


Can I say hello and buy beers? If Mothy is still there, perhaps not...





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I have been lookin' for the same action as my friend above, been a while since I've flown with the Royal Air force, and I feel like it's time to get back into the game with the tempest and Spitfires. With the British variants, I've flown mostly the Spitfire mkIX, and hopefully, I'll pick up the MkXIV in two weeks. But I seemingly can't find a social link to your communication server. Do you have a discord server, and if so, could you drop the link here? 

Cheers, - AJH. 

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13 hours ago, IV./JG51-Bulldog said:

If Mothy is still there, perhaps not...



Perhaps not...


Hope you both find a home.


von Tom

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