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I don't want to repeat a topic that someone else may have already broached but I do want to put this point to Developers without sounding too ungrateful or arrogant.

As a Skinner of Planes (putting them on, not removing them like a rabbit or something!!) I and others have come across an anomaly that is a prime example of a source of frustration.

It is with regard to the Template we are given for The Hurricane, a model eagerly awaited by Skinners and non-skinners!!

When attempting to create a Custom Skin of anything from the RAF from the Early War period and with the oft-used Black/White underside (see picture below) all is well until it comes to the cover for the undercarriage strut...


Take this picture for example. It all seems straightforward until on the Template we come to this particular part...


Below I  have coloured it in Yellow and you can see the result. This is because it is 'mirrored' in the Template. There is ONE part representing TWO actual components, left and right.


While this isn't a problem with a one-colour underside, it IS a problem with a B+W underside. 

Now, I would just like to make a request on behalf of myself and of other Skinners who I have discussed this with at length. Whilst I appreciate that it may be wholly impractical to repair this particular Model (hopefully not though?...:)) would it please be possible to avoid this 'mirroring' on component parts of a Plane to avoid such frustrations in future?

Once again, please?


Thanks for your indulgence in this matter


Rap, a Skinner.



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I Also wish to add my support to this request, I entirely understand the logistics of mirroring parts but it genuinely would mean so very much to us skinners, and we know we are a minority, and please do not take us as ungrateful, anything but in fact.

Thank you.

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I'd like to support the request of no mirroring during the UV unwrap. I realise this makes things harder for the devs to arrange and goes, to a degree, against the efficient use of the available unwrap space but it will result in a more useable template (not limited by mirroring problems).

As an example:  I recently did a 109K4 skin and the profile I was following had red on the LH wing underside probe coloured partially red. I found the location and painted appropriately, checked the viewer and found red also place on the antenna cable near the top of the fin. Similar for cowling latches and other areas. Some schemes have the latches painted but they are not individually represented on the template from the UV unwrap. Again this limits complete adherence to references. I had to leave most of them unpainted. 

Similar occurrences exist for other aircraft. It may be nit picking but us skinners do count the rivets :P Please, I only add to enhance the game and fully understand the limited resources of the IL2 dev team. What we already have is great support and if it wasn't for access to the templates it would be in the to hard basket. So thank you for them but please sir, may I have more;) 


If it is possible to change the existing unwraps and templates then the skinner community I reckon would be very willing to provide feedback on any and all mirror issues we have found over time - maybe adding posts covering these to this thread? Sorry to volunteer your thread Rap but good a place as any :P


Anyway food for thought devs and thanks Rap for bringing this up.

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