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Over at the DangerDogz I like to throw them the odd curve ball of an event / mission from time to time. I thought you might like to share in my latest creation...


Tank Agility Test

It is a side by side race designed with Muti-Crew in mind (a driver, a gunner and a commander or driver and commander / gunner for two man tanks.)

Test your squad / group team-work!

Teams will spawn in behind the white line on the grass.

The race starts with the two tanks positioned in the starting boxes. When the race starts (I have started it with a "3,2,1 go" and also fired a flare) its the slalom course first, left lane goes to the left first, right lane goes to the right first. (Commander talking to Driver to help get you round), then a sprint (well as much as tanks can "sprint") down to the revetments, where you must explode 3 targets at 3 different ranges. (ammo is set to unlimited). This is where the Commander goes to Binoculars to help range the gunner. When the 3 targets are killed (they must go "boom!". They are also set to fully repair after 1 minute for the next race.) You reverse out of the revetment and up the bridge until the front of your tank passes the flags. (Note to organiser remind teams that they should not be using externals!). This is where the Commander will need to talk to the driver to help them reverse. Once you have got the front of the tank passed the flags it is then a full on race to the finishing line between the flags.


We have run this on a couple of nights and had a lot of fun with it. Hope you enjoy it.



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