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Skin Request: Phony War Spitfires

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Hi! I'd like to request some skins that are largely neglected: Spitfire Mk. Is during the phony war.


Although they lacked the yellow recognition color on their roundels, they did have black & white paint pattern under their wings. It was this battle dress that many bore, who stood up against the mighty Luftwaffe over France and over the Channel.


I'd be very appreciated if we can have this paint scheme in game. Although its markings are relatively simple, it really adds up to the elegant beauty of the Mk. I Spitfire.


Thanks in advance!😋






















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On 4/5/2021 at 3:24 AM, Larry69 said:

Peter LARRY69


Thank you Larry69! It's very happy to see that the early war struggles were not forgotten! :drinks: 


Personally, I do think that Spitfire Mk. Is without huge roundels & Squadron codes pose a unique kind of beauty, like a diamond without all the accessories.

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