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Aces over Europe II server - skin pack

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P-39 for Kuban bridgehead map

The package contains 5 historical and 3 generic skins for the map of the Cuban bridgehead.

Alexander Pokryskin

45.IAP, spring 1943


Dmitrii Glinko
45.IAP, spring 1943


autumn 1943, after Spitfire V




Download P-39 AOE II

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A few of us from FF jumped n this server the other night when it was populated.


Loved it! Really hope this server gains a following.


The missions are very atmospheric!

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Posted (edited)

FW-190D-9 for Battle of Schelde


W.Nr. 210079, Theo Nibel, 10. / JG 54, Varrelbusch Airport, Germany


W.Nr. 210194, Werner Hohenberg, Stab I./JG 2, Merzhausen Airport, Germany


W.Nr. 500093, Dieter Krageloh, Furstenau Airport, Germany


Download AOE FW-190D-9 Battle of Schelde



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