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AI behaviour and its sturdy plane

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Too much! In this game I think there is too much of some stuff (in a bad way, sadly). It takes too long to shoot down an enemy plane, and the first difficulty, in dogfight, is to be able to cross the projectiles fired with the trajectory of the target; the latter, in fact, has an excessive situational awareness, knowing, in fact, when I shoot and exactly in what direction, and I see very well that the target starts a new instantaneous evasive maneuver AFTER I have fired in the direction in which it was initially directed . In other words, it instantly changes its trajectory, avoiding that of the bullets I just fired. This is unreal.




Furthermore, the number and power of bullets needed to cause damage to the target that compromise its control and therefore flight, is exaggerated: I see most of the shots I land, and those required for killing are excessive (not to mention the absurdity of seeing a plane reduced to a sieve flying and maneuvering like a Pitts Special!). A single 30mm shot, for example, should be enough for a fighter; I see, however, that it takes two or three!

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As a target in Multiplayer, I also see when the enemy is pulling into a firing solution and go into a scissor.

Also: a 30mm Hit will always cripple your plane, often enough making you a glider in Short order, or making the plane uncontrollable. It will not fall apart instantly, but it without assistance it is at your mercy.

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22 hours ago, 6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann said:

As a target in Multiplayer


20 hours ago, Jakl said:

Planes are burning in 1 pass in multiplayer

I titled "AI behaviour", therefore I was speaking of single player, more precisely I meant career.


22 hours ago, 6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann said:

I also see when the enemy is pulling into a firing solution and go into a scissor.

AI does the same, and this is normal. What is not normal is that when I aim at point "A" and shoot, the AI instantly changes its trajectory to "B" avoiding my bullets! I think you don't notice this in multiplayer because a human can't do this!


(target is performing a scissors; I point at "A" where target's trajectory should cross my path)




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4 hours ago, CUJO_1970 said:

It’s because your control inputs control the AI flight routine and response.

Lapidary, shocking and comprehensive. But so it's almost as if the enemy is on my mind: he's not loyal!


Thanks for your answer.

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