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Both dvd and download version won't start

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running windows 10 updated. nvidia updated checked and all V redist and such have the latest .

when I try run it starts the first time setup and thats it......NOTHING ELSE......spent 4 ish hours google searching and so far nothing

internet speed is poor and it took 2hrs to down load the game via steam game files verified 

some one please help 



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If by "DVD" and "Dover" you mean original hardcopy, release version, this one's not supported anymore and it's not supposed to be used for anything apart from having the license key. "Blitz" is the latest, updated version of the same game and that's the one you're meant to play. If it starts - you're good already.

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14 hours ago, tazzharm said:

so update..downloaded the blitz via steam and that starts but still dover will not

joystick not linked though

Hello Tazzharm


If you were able to install the BLITZ game, please then uninstall the original CLIFFS OF DOVER before trying to launch BLITZ.


Then please take the time to read through the 'Getting Started and Troubleshooting Guide'.


This is designed for those new players who are having problems getting started and contains many suggestions for dealing with issues as well as methods to get running smoothly.


This is located in your main CLIFFS OF DOVER folder in 'manuals'.

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