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Fw190 A-8 'White 6' Leutnant Gustav Salffner 7.(Sturm)/JG300 Lobnitz 1945.

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I based the skin on the following model which not only looked great but tied in well with the little information available from the B/W contemporary photos. If anyone has more information that is not anecdotal I will update the skin accordingly. I am pleased with how the mottling turned out on this one although the photos don't really show it that well. I have also just noticed that my numbers need tweaking... now there's a surprise. Ok fixed just not changed all the screenshots.
















Numbers fixed and download updated..



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Hi Flowbee,


Very nice skin , but could you just fix the underside of the RVB. The bands are staggered, and shocking compared to the general quality of the work. 


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9 hours ago, CUJO_1970 said:

We should be paying you for this :salute:

If I got a few pence for every download I could change my diet from noodles to FreeRange Haggis. One can but dream.. :hunter:

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