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Please , for the love of god, move the Tank Bail Out Keys

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Hello folks, I play mainly Tank Crew where the tank Bail Out keys are LCtrl+E.  For a fumble fingers like me. it's so close to other functions like Binos, Site Nestle, etc that inevitably I will hit that dreaded combination in error, usually in the middle of a good match.  It would be much appreciated if you could move the tank bail out function to  a key we never use...like F12.  F12 would be a great bail out key.  Thanks for your consideration of this request.

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For the same reason as you mentioned, I changed mine to "Left Ctrl + Left Shift + E"


This way I never accidently eject.


I also made it slightly different to raise my landing gear, to avoid hitting the button on the ground and having one wing fall to the ground. 


BTW, I assume this isn't realistic?  What would happen in real life if you tried to raise the landing gear in these planes while not moving on the ground?

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I find the controls a contortionists dream. I am one of those guys that does not really like negative learning in simulators or games. I like to learn things properly once and maybe tweak a little. Especially when patches can ruin your configs constantly if the game is in a state of flux. 

I wish all the tank keys were in one place and none were mixed in with the aircraft keys. I am after the smoke discharger key lately. None of this would be a problem with clickable cockpits.

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