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Refactor available key bindings

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A few controllers, like Virpil's throttle, have non-momentary toggle switches, and many people build button boxes with such switches. Unfortunately, Il-2 has poor support for these right now, because many binary controls are implemented only as a toggle. Landing gear is one exception: there are distinct 'gear up' and 'gear down' bindings, which means distinct switch positions can be bound to distinct actions -- it's perfect. On the other hand, with a control like "boost on/off", both positions must be bound to the same toggle, and it's possible for physical switch state to more easily get out of sync with in-game state.


It would be great to get distinct on/off actions for:



Attack Siren

Windscreen Wipers

Dive Recovery System

Tail Wheel Lock


Window Open/Close

Landing Lights

Navigation Lights

Formation Lights

Altimeter Reference Pressure

Radio Channel Allies/Enemies

Supercharger 1/2

Boost On/Off

Engine Start/Stop

Oil Radiator Manual/Auto

Water radiator Manual/Auto

Interconnect Throttle/Turbo

Interconnect Throttle/Prop

Bomb bay doors

Bomb safety switch

Gunsight filter

Gunsight position

Gunsight mode


(Cockpit Lights Toggle ought to stay as is, because it actually cycles through 3 or more positions in some planes).


Additionally, it would be great to have separate feathering on/off actions for all three engines. There are a lot of engine controls that I'm unlikely to bind separately, like mixture, because they can be adjusted in sync almost always... but feathering is something that is virtually always done for only a single engine, so it makes sense to have separate per-engine actions available for it.


I know these aren't high value changes, but they also seem like changes that would be easy to implement.


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28 minutes ago, exlax said:

What happens to all of us that use HOTAS without toggles?

There's no need to remove the existing actions. Keys or buttons bound to an existing toggle action would stay bound, so this change would be unnoticeable to you. Those of us with toggle-switches would just have the option to go and re-bind those actions.

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