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FW190 A3 skin for Focke-Wulf FW 190 A-4 of Oberleutnant Fritz Schroter, Tunisia March 1943.

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The main cosmetic difference between the A3 and the A4 was the addition of adjustable Kiemenklappen (vents) for engine cooling and the change of the radio aerial mounting on the tail fin.


I came across this pair of profiles from Claes Sundin, one of which was the aircraft of the group commander of III./SKG10, Oberleutnant Fritz Schroter, who flew Black Double Chevron, WNr. 142327, from La Fauconnerie, Tunisia, during March 1943. 




I then started looking for original photos of the aircraft and found these.




With no color information available I then found some more artist profiles.




Finding little else of help I started doing the skin with my impressions so far also bearing in mind the MTO and came up with this.




While skinning and three days in I found this snippet of information.




This narrowed down the palette using ICDP's kindly provided color chart with his template.




So the skin I came up with is this.










In the light of further info from RaFiger I have updated the skin by removing the rhs emblem (more common) and changed the wing top cross to outline only as adopted in 1943 and most likely. Thanks! :good:






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I love the fact you research your skins and spend days on them to get them just right.  In so many ways it takes longer to get a skin right than creating a template.


Bravo Flowbee.👍

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Interesting to see Eastern front underwing yellow tips - as they were transferred from Jg51 ?

👍👍 Many thanks !



Keep them coming "Highlander"... 👍:clapping:

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@Community & Flowbee


The best sources for JG 2, SG 2 and SG 10 Fw-190 planes are collected in the Book "Focke Wulf Fw 190 in North Africa" from the Authors Andrew Arty and Morton Jessen with profiles and good 3 side paintings by Claes Sundin.


If you like you can get some more information's and some more skinning sources by visit my old pages related to that Book :)


Luftwaffe - Focke Wulf Fw 190 in North Africa - III./SKG 10 (rafiger.de)



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^^I have that book. The FW190 was a major worry for the Allies and scored way out of proportion for its relatively few aircraft, the LW could only send small numbers there.

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