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Naval battles/engagements in Desert Wings-Tobruk

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Back when I was a kid I did a lot of one-on-one naval or task force vs task force engagements in IL-2 1946. Some notable scenarios were a Fletcher class destroyer vs IJN Shokaku, and Bismarck vs King George V BBs. With Desert Wings-Tobruk it gives a great variety of ships that have never been in any IL-2 game (save for mods), such as the Leander light cruiser, Tribal destroyer, Queen Elizabeth and Revenge BB, Zara Heavy Cruiser, Leipzig cruiser, and 1936 German Destroyer. Thank you Team Fusion for these ships.


One major difference between the outcomes of naval engagements in IL-2 1946 and the Dover series is that in the former it's pretty much static, while in the latter it's dynamic.


Anyway, here are some screenshots of naval battle/engagements that I've created:


Scenario 1: Leipzig cruiser vs Tribal Destroyer. The background of events that I created was that this is during the Invasion of Norway, or after, and the Leipzig cruiser and Tribal destroyer have inadvertently encountered each other.


Here the Germans were victorious



Or vice-versa (It can sometimes be indecisive).



My Ju-88C is sent out to fend off the Tribal destroyer or locate the Leipzig cruiser (or survivors) based on its last known position (recently I've been using the He-111H-6 to torpedo the enemy vessel). 

In case any of you didn't know, you have to create a flight for your aircraft or this won't work (AFAIK).










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Scenario #2: Italian Task Force vs British Task Force. As the British inch ever closer to capturing Tobruk, an Italian task force comprised of a Zara class cruiser and 5 Italian destroyers (1936 German Destroyer) is retreating Tobruk for La Spezia (the San Giorgio cruiser will stay behind). Just north of Derna the Italians encounter a British task force bound for Alexandria from Gibraltar. It is comprised of the Revenge class battleship and 3 Tribal destroyers.


British Task Force:




Italian Task Force:



The British fleet is in trouble (actually this is the first time that the Italians have drawn blood).






Down go the 2 Capital ships (remained afloat, but would have gone down or been scuttled in real life):







The outcome was pretty much indecisive; however, the loss of the Zara cruiser would be more of a blow for the Italians than losing one Revenge class BB for the British.





And one more earlier pic just for fun:



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On 3/26/2021 at 3:09 PM, Varrattu said:

Hello Buzzsaw,

does it mean, for wishes on such features a record in the Team Fusion Bugtracker is not needed anymore?


:salute: ~V~



No, leave it there.  At this point not sure what would be included in any feature we implement.

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