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Bravo throttle quadrant or HOTAS?

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Hi all, now that the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant has been out for a bit, I've been wondering how owners have found it for immersion, and how it compares to a HOTAS setup for IL2.


I'm currently using a Thrustmaster TWCS throttle, but I'm sorely tempted by the idea of having a real trim wheel, dedicated CEM controls, and tactile flaps and landing gear.  However, the quadrant is a lot of money and has a big desktop footprint, and I don't want to get one just to find out that HOTAS is more useful 75% of the time.


So what do owners think?  Is it worth getting a good dedicated quadrant like the Bravo, or should I save my money for other things like better HOTAS, better video, and/or VR?


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I have the warthog throttle and the bravo. I use them both at once, the quality of the bravo is very good. If you're flying multi engine planes you could use both of your throttles too. I just use the bravo for single engine throttle and my water and oil stuff, gear flaps trim, feathering

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I have an old CH Quadrant mounted next to my WH throttle, and it gets constant use.  WH for main throttle and all the buttons, and the Quadrant for the sliders (2X trim, prop, mix, water, and oil.)  As Seya said, if you can run both.  


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