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2 hours ago, Tomi_099 said:

Now we just need the EL-Alamein atmosphere .. for the defs, a Sahara shouldn't be too demanding like France. :russian_ru:

Awesome work Maillon21....



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Thanks guys,


Nice work, thanks to you three I'll be able to resume my videos with the North African Mod Kuban scenery from "Off_Winters", the Panzers III from "Maillon21" and the DAK crews from "Tomi_099".


I call this a great team effort, you should get together to include all this in one pack.

Not forgetting all the other contributors on this forum who share their creative talents for skins, mods and missions for IL2 in general and TC in particular.


Some test screenshots of scenes from my video ( WIP ^^ ), but I'll take my time as I'm new to using the editor, so please be patient.

It should be noted that it highlights the DAK, so my Anglo-Saxon friends, don't be offended if the "Desert Rats" will be put to shame....For this time... But as soon as there are Allied tankers I will make another video to pay tribute to them.

I don't have any bias, I just love the History of Men no matter which side they were divided in.



Convoi Axe version forum.png

Others screen shot:

Sherman Britanniques dans le désert version forum.png

Panzer III sur les côtes Lybiennes version forum.png

Panzer III côtes Lybiennes 1943 version forum.png

Arnold scrutant l'horizon version forum.jpg

Convoi Britannique  version forum.jpg

Panzer III Arnold version forum.png

Convoi Britannique  version version forum skin Off_Winters.png

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