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News from Chris Bergison and his seat


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Hi everyone!

Finally, I can share some very good news regarding the Motion Integrated G-Seat project!

A french company (see update on my website) has finished their prototype and initial testing of the seat and they seem to like it a lot. We had a Zoom conference with them today and they intend to move ahead and start to build seats for commercial customers within the coming months! To cover the initial costs, they plan to launch a kickstarter campaign.

I'd now like to ask for your preference/valuation/opinion to help them figure out a realistic unit price and kickstarter goal.
If you want to help, please choose one of the options below that would suit your expectations and reply it to me:

IMPORTANT NOTE: you do not enter into any obligation whatsoever with this! It is just your very apprechiated opinion to get a realistic understanding of interest. I will collect all replied options and price ranges and will forward them completely anonymized to the company.

Options for a kickstarter campaign (be among the first to get your own Motion Integrated G-Seat at a kickstarter discount):

A1) I would possibly buy a fully assembled and functional unit and am willing to pay up to _______ €/US$ for it.
A2) I'd rather save some money and go for a kit (including all parts) with instructions and assemble it myself. I'd pay up to _______ €/US$ for it.
A3) I do not want to buy a seat at the moment but would still support a kickstarter with _______ €/US$ to see where this is going.

B) Please include your country of residence, so they can start sorting our legal aspects to sell outside the EU.

C) You may of course also share your ideas and expectation for additional features that should be included in a commercial version (like mounts for controls, headrest, a cupholder ;) ...). I will forward them to the company for consideration.

A note on DIY plans: I am aware that some of you would prefer to only get the plans and instructions for their own DIY build. As much as I'd like to share plans with the community, the company has requested us not to do so because of concerns this will facilitate knock-off production (in China or other low-wage countries), which would have a serious impact on a successful market launch. I hope for your understanding!

Feel free to forward this email to other persons who might be interested in this project!

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to your reply!

Best regards,

PS: You receive this email because you expressed interest in the Motion Integrated G-Seat project on my website (bergisons.simpit.info) or through email correspondence. If you do not want to receive further updates on this project, please send me a quick reply with something like "remove my mail adress". In this case, sorry for the disturbance!


Chris "Bergison" Berghold

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A1) I would possibly buy a fully assembled and functional unit and am willing to pay up to 4000 €/US$ for it.


The amount I would pay is based on my costs for a seat and motion platform with the added g-effects with the seatbelt system. If you can limit the cost of shipping to something reasonable then the US market should be open to this.

Good luck on the kickstarter.

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A1) I would possibly buy a fully assembled and functional unit and am willing to pay up to 3500 US$ for it.

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is an integrated motion seat?, something like the NLR seat kicker? Or are talking near 6-DOF seat with actuators and such? Between the NLR ($3000) and a fully actuated 6-DOF ($17000) rig, there’s 4 orders of magnitude difference. 

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He is flat out, out of his mind! 😳


I am like Nathan Lane, when Robin Williams asks him “how about them Dolphins?”


Considering he spent €1500 in parts for his prototype, I wouldn’t expect anything less than €3500-4000 range. Plus another 500 on the shipping 🤣


Way out of my price range even if I decided I needed something like this in my life.

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