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Messerschmitt Bf-109K4 11.JG3 Yellow-1 Martin Deskau WNr 334176 Pasewalk 1945

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You probably know this one as it is one of the game skins however as I liked it, I wanted to do my impression of it having looked at other profiles. I have found virtually no other contemporary information apart from one original b/w photo.

















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On 3/14/2021 at 1:17 PM, SMARTAZZ said:

Fantastic as always!  I am blown away by your weathering technique 😲

@SR603-Flowbee Fantastic skin and weathering, I admit.

If you don’t mind a suggestion or just a light touch of criticism, I would say that the oil and fluids traces are too verticals. 

Explanation: if you look at the trace coming from the top of the nose, it perfectly seems to leak from the top to the bottom of the nose, like any kind of liquid going down.

Problem: when the liquid uses to leak, it’s when the aircraft is on the ground when maintenance is done, but then, the aircraft lyes on the tailwheel, so the liquid should leak that way, a little to the back.

If it’s a leak coming from a precedent problem inflight, so the leak should run all along the fuselage.


That’s just a détail, but it came to my mind instantly  

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The lines were supposed to be water runs as dust is washed off while the plane is parked not fluids from the engine. That is why they meander like water droplets running over an oily surface. Engine fluids would take a more direct route. Because the plane is light in colour they appear too strong and also extend a bit too far. When doing oil or fuel I try and make them denser and usually thicker and straighter. I spent a lot of time working on a classic car so got the opportunity to see a lot of leaks that I would rather not have. 

There are always little things that pass (mostly) unnoticed. If they annoy me I go back and fix them but mainly I like to move onto doing a new skin. How easily noticed they are also depends to some degree on monitor settings. Often I only see errors such as these from the screenshots and then have to go back and fix them. In this case I decided it wasn’t necessary but maybe I should have. Hopefully my skins will improve as I become more aware of these potential pit falls.


Sorry, I misread your post. The reason for the lack of slant is the brush I was using  at the time had a variety of angles and I just happened to catch it like that. Your point is valid but if the angle of the brush is changed then other parts would be flowing in weird directions. I would then have to either use single strokes or multiple brushes or different brushes. It is therefore a compromise but well spotted anyway. On further reflection I could create a new angle brush and try that although it may look odd in flight. Thanks for the heads-up I will experiment and see how it looks.


I added a 20 degree slope to the brush and while not a ground breaking difference, I will pay attention to this in future.







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I did notice that it wasn't wide and bright enough just as the white surrounds on the black bars but there is a choice of looking for ever small details and endless fixes or to move on and do another skin. It is a case of deciding where to draw the line. If I spend too much time on increasingly small details I would never learn new techniques by concentrating on doing different skins. It is a compromise. Every profile is a different artist's impression of usually a b/w photo. Many details get altered or excluded. I tend to follow and try to copy Claes Sundins work as I find his profiles are the best and in my opinion the most accurate interpretations. I tend to stop when I like the skin rather than when I can no longer find differences. I am playing a simulation rather than making a reference book which would require a different approach. I know how frustrating it is to spot an error that is annoying but while I can change it others get what's given. Best thing is to hope the the next skin is a better fit. I've only recently started paying attention to decals as many find them important whereas I don't care enough whether a number is fat, thin, tall or short, it is just a number to me. (Saying that, I thought I did a pretty good job on the handpainted 176 :popcorm:). Hopefully I will improve in spotting the little things that I'm too quick to dismiss as unimportant.


As a point of interest I spend about 20 hours on average per skin that I do for myself and go on to share. For a personal friend requesting a skin I spend about 85 hours. Much time is spent on small details and trying stuff that doesn’t always yield much at all.

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13 hours ago, sevenless said:



Plane marking is not a small detail...

It seems that white frame should be much more emphasized and thicker... it doesn't look like a part of 176 at all... otherwise great, great skin !  👍

Changing and weathering takes 10 min in Photoshop...


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