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Any Way To Limit Player Spawns on a Dog Fight Map?

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I am currently in the planning stage for a new series of dog fight maps using tanks only for my squad for use.


Previously I have not limited the number of tanks available so a killed player can re-spawn in and take another tank.

I am looking for some way to make the players cherish their lives a bit more.

I know I can limit the number of units available but the trouble with that is if I say there are only 10 M4a2's available, Fred could get killed 9 times and take a new tank each time, but when John gets killed who has been looking after himself, there are no tanks left, Fred has used them all up.


Would also mean that an objective can be not achieved due to no more units / weakened forces.


Does anyone have any clever way / suggestions for how I can limit the number of units Fred uses?


My thoughts;

Each person gets allocated their own spawn point with limited tank numbers (I do have a general idea of how people will be playing, so not insurmountable) perhaps?


I could add a longer re-spawn delay on the server as well as a deterrent ?


I would welcome your thoughts / suggestions on this. Have you done something similar for your squad?





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We have used individual spawn points for many months now. If you are flying/driving with your group as opposed to an open server, you should have no problem since all members would be on the “honor system”.  

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monitoring the logs you can do a bookeeping of the number of deaths for each players (with external scripting as Temuri mentionned). You could then kick the player using the remote console (and more scripting) if the number of deaths is too high. But for internal squad use it is a bit like killing a mosquito with a bazooka :biggrin:

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