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Hello comrades,


Just flown a mission and draged my shot up and smoking 109 to a friendly airfield with RRR, managed to land an get to RRR point, when it started to repair i respawned mid air falling 10m , crashing the "new" plane and the mission was over, never had this strange behaviour - are there any explanations for this, something to avoid it?

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Is the RRR object set on the ground?  Sometimes objects that are moved or taken from another mission or even another area on the same map are above the ground.

Try selecting the RRR object then using the 'Set on Ground' tool (Green arrow pointing down to a line, 8th from the right on upper toolbar) click it and the object will now be placed at ground level.

Actually the best solution would be to just use and original object selected from the menu.  It will automatically place it at ground level.

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