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Closing times - for Noobs

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Guest deleted@210880

I am no fighter ace, this is just something that might help those who are new to combat sims.

When I first attacked stuff as a fighter my biggest mistake was probably closing too fast on a target. Being a dork, I decided to look at the maths of it some time ago and came up with something like the attached. It demonstrates why you should consider your speed in relation to your target.

In this scenario/chart:

Convergence is assumed to be 200m

Total distance shown is 1km, obviously you would no doubt see your quarry from farther away, this 1km is just to demonstrate things.

It defines an approach phase where you are too far to shoot, then a section of 200m between 300 and 100m where you should shoot, and then 100m to pull out, because ramming is not nice and another of my early mistakes.

Speed is relative to your target, not your actual airspeed, so if your target is doing 300km and you are diving at 500kmh, that would be 200km on the chart.

Times are rounded to the nearest second

You are ‘moving’ along the time scale from right to left along the bars, 0 time is where you are at the same place as the target


NB. This is not a solid reference of speeds to use, simply a graphical representation to help visualise the difference changes to your speed will make when attacking. There are lots of variables, your speed will also vary in a dive, your convergence will differ, your skill and reactions will differ etc.


So what does the chart show:

Personally I like a full 2 seconds of hits on an (unseeing) target in a pass, so 4-5 seconds thinking and firing time; you can see that the green zones that permit this best for me are 150 or 200kmh difference.

If I am faster than this, I have just 3 seconds to think, make sure my shot is available, take it, maybe correct it, and most risky of all will then only have a second to pull away and avoid a collision. (And if I’m in a Mig3 I’ve probably reached the point where controls have no effect anymore anyway!)

Any slower, and the approach time is starting to give the quarry the chance to see me and evade (if a fighter), or someone to sneak in on you whilst you are target fixated.


What do all these words and a chart mean? Ultimately, when attacking something, think of your relative speed, and adjust it. Thats all.




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