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Binding prop pitch, Bf-109/Spitfire's water radiator, and Bf-110's oil radiator to axes?

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Hi everyone,

I have a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant that I use mostly for FS2020 but I'd like to take advantage of its six axes in Il-2. 


I have four axes already bound (axes 1 and 2 for water and oil radiators, and axes 5 and 6 for RPM and mixture controls), but I can't bind the controls for propeller pitch, Bf-109/Spitfire's water radiator, and Bf-110's oil radiator to any axes. Ideally, I'd like to bind the Bf-109/Spitfire water radiator to axis 1, the Bf-110 oil radiator to axis 2, and prop pitch to either axis 3 or 4. 


For some reason, the game only recognizes these three controls if they are bound to both an "up" and a "down" buttons. If possible, I'd rather use my axes instead of searching for six extra unassigned buttons. For now, I have assigned some of these controls to a hat switch.

Has anyone managed to assign these commands to axes, or is that just not feasible?

This is what my settings look like now:


Il-2 settings.png

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1 hour ago, Porcellino_Rosso said:

Has anyone managed to assign these commands to axes, or is that just not feasible?



Is not feasible. Why?


Bf 109 (Bf 110) real plane don't have a lever for control Propeller Pitch, like in an Spitfire, Mustang... but two momentary buttons that turn an electric motor in both directions and move teh gear that adjust the pitch, the way that game use for mimic this operation is by press and hold a button or key, for increase, decrease, so you can use an axis for this control.


In early Bf 109 this control is a big momentary switch in the instrument panel, in latter models and momentary rocker swtich in throttle knob.


Bf 109 Water Radiator is controlled by a multi turn crank* and the way for game replicate this operation is press and hold a button or key, not an axis.


(Real) Spitfire Water Radiator control don't move from 0 to 100 freely, but in defined steps, see the ratchets in lever rail in this picture, the way that game use for mimic this operation is by press sequentially a button or key (one plus, one minus), not an axis.


* An exception to this control logic: (RL) Bf 109 "Stabilizer Adjust" (nose atitude) and flaps are controlled by multi turn wheels placed side by side, and in game you can us an axis for this control. 


An way to use one of quadrant levers for control Bf 109 Propeller Pitch is use an software, e.g. Joystick Gremlin, and set this axis for press keys in bot axis extremities, and use this keys for the increase, decrease commands. The lever will work like an ON-OFF switch, but this don't result much practical in flight, don't worth the extra effort.

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Thanks for the detailed answer and for including videos and images, Sokol1! I looked into Joystick Gremlin but I'll follow your advice and stick with my current key settings instead of trying to configure them using the software.



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I'm actually working on a Joystick Gremlin plugin that will make it easy to bind an axis to the radiators on these planes. I still need to test it and work out the bugs, but I hope to have something working in the next couple days.


Edit: This has taken longer than anticipated due to lack of time, but I've not forgotten.

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I've always found the way radiators are implemented on these planes to be frustrating. I've long had my radiator controls bound to a slider, but that doesn't work on these planes. If I use buttons for this, I have no tactile feedback about the position of my radiators, and this is annoying without techchat. So I threw together a hacky joystick gremlin plugin that generates virtual button presses as a slider moves. You can get it here.


You'll need a vjoy device and Joystick Gremlin. Follow the instructions in the readme. Note that the plugin has no way to look at the sim's state (or even if the sim is listening for button presses), thus it's possible to get out of sync. In this case, just move the slider to the low stop and back to where you want it, and it should synchronize.


You can use both the axis and the buttons at the same time, and the sim will use whichever is appropriate in the plane you're flying; however, you will need different modes if you plan to fly both the Spit and 110, since they have different numbers of steps for their water radiators.

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