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Dear me.

How on earth do they manage to persuade the management to put up the funding for this stuff?


Oh yeah, they're f#ckwits too!:(

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All those professional people who followed their dreams, finished a decent study to finally become a camera man, actor, or do something creative with CGI for the movie industry. Not to mention all the money involved.

And what comes out of it is.... this. :wacko:

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I just watched the entire movie.  Sort of an extended Twilight Zone episode.  Not a great or good film, however the end scene just before they roll to credits was the most perfect way to troll all those armchair wankers and amateur film reviewers over at IMDB. I bet they are loosing their **** over it right now. 


The heroine finally beats the living snot out of the gremlin monster, then raises the middle finger to every male action hero who ever was by sitting down to breast feed her infant. 

We gotta make sure Custard never watches this film. 

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On 2/28/2021 at 6:39 AM, Bremspropeller said:

It's funny how they COULD have made a great movie about the background-story (B-17s in the Pacific or WASPs) but they opted to got for this fecked-up BS instead.


Way to go, Hollwood. Way to go...


Four Nights Film looks to be a New Zealand production company. I'll blame them....


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