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Suggestion for tank battles

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Hello everyone, I would like to propose some mission suggestions in this post and also invite people who have any ideas for battle suggestions or game dynamics. Other people who want to contribute with ideas and missions, feel free.

My suggestion is "The last. Spring. 1945".

This mission is placed in the last days of the war in West Germany using Bodenplatte map. Is a battle in the Western front.
Two bases on each side, plus an airfield (with only 190 A-8 and  P-47D-28) that can be captured with tanks.


(FB) and (JABO) = Fighter Bomber.

Pz. VD (Limited)
(Blue airfield at 0231. Quakenbrik B-109.)
109 K-4 C3 fuel
109 K-4 (JABO)
109 G-14 (JABO)
109 G-6/L (JABO)
109 G-6 (JABO)
190 D-9 (JABO)
190 A-8 (JABO)

SU-152 (Limited)
(Red Airfield at 0624. Twente B-106.)
Tempest V 11lb (FB)
Spitfire XIVc
P-51D-15 150 oct.
P-51D-15 (FB)
P-51B (FB)
P-47D-28 (FB)
P-38J-25 (FB)

I'll post the suggestions here, whoever is interested and create some kind of mission, I really appreciate it!

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On 3/7/2021 at 4:12 PM, super-truite said:

Someone was suggesting the south of the  Bodenplatte map, near Bastogne for instance. 

This battle is cool, but I don't think there are many airfields in that part of the map. Perhaps they will add more airfields in the future. 

Velikie Luki 41-42 (Summer map)

My next suggestion is a very good one. I've never heard of this battle before, but we have a special map for it, it's Velikie Luki. The name is funny, but this was a bloody battle in the sector near Moscow.

The Germans used small tanks to defend this railroad, so ... if anyone for this suggestion in practice it is exclusive to the Panzer III. It is not possible to make 100% historical in relation to the tanks, but it is possible to create a very faithful aerial battle, although it is more in order to be challenging, so I ask you to consider this suggestion for the "underdogs".

And if someone is curious and this "will work", well ... I've played with this type of mission before on the "Achtung Tank Prokhorovka" server ... it's a fantastic mission. They did a Pz III vs T-34/KV mission on the Prokhorovka map and it was excellent.


My concept of a mission for the battle of Velikiye Luki looks like this: Every neutral base has troops. The neutral bases within the city of V.L. and from the airfield to the south there should be a maximum of three Soviet guns defending them. ZiS-30 anti-tank gun, machine gun and a tank like the T-70. For the neutral base at 508.1 no guns, but 3 guns for each bridge near this base. To capture the bases, blues need to destroy 3 guns per base and the Reds 9 guns near the bridges.

The base at 0507.3 must be captured by the german team. This base if captured by the German team must have a lot of AI, anti-tank weapons and small tanks defending it.

The primary objective for the Blue team is to conquer the bases and maintain them. The Red team must reconquer the bases and airfield.

Red Tanks
T-34 STZ
KV-1S (HE ammo)
Red Planes (AF at 504.3)
LaGG-3 (no 37mm)
Hurricane IIB (or sov mod.)
IL-2 (42)
Pe-2 (42)

Blue Tanks
Blue Planes (AF at 610.5)
109 F-2 (no 20mm)
109 E-7
MC 202
110 E-2
Ju 87 D-3
Hs 129 B-2
Ju 88 A-4
Ju 52/3m (supply mission to the aerodrome that can be captured by tanks)

The airfield at 607.5 can be captured by tanks. It have limited number of Ju 87, 109 E and 202 for the germans and IL-2, I-16 and LaGG for the soviets.

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22 minutes ago, ickylevel said:

If the panzer III vs t34 matchup is balanced, I wonder why people complain when they can't play panther vs t34...

The Panzer III I would not think is a match for the T-34. The Panther was meant to counter it and without the T-34 being the 85mm variant outmatches the T-34 too much. I would think that the PzIV-G is the best match for the T-34.

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On 4/3/2021 at 8:10 AM, 1./JG42flesch said:

Only PZIII vs T34 and KV1 is totally BS

In fact, this idea is not new. I took it from the server created by German players, the name is "Achtung Tank Prokhorovka". I think that maybe you played on this server, it was active for a few months when the Prok map was released.

In some situations the Panzer III is better than the T-34. If the combat is in a city at close range they have the same firepower.

In close-range combat the Panzer III can do well against all Reds tanks. The most difficult are the M4, KV and 152, but even the KV can be destroyed head-on in urban combat.


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Posted (edited)

Suggestion for tank battles 2.0

What to expect from a tank battle?
Analyzing the situation using the main air servers as a reference, I came to the conclusion that it takes some things for a tank battle to work.

1) Full realism or something near to fully realism. The largest servers have a high level of simulation at least for airplanes.
2) Dynamic and interactive missions. People like tricks and objectives that interact with the map, when they are completed.
3) Interesting missions and variety. I like to fly in different scenarios, periods of war and to use different technologies. And I get bored with repeated maps.

I have listed things that attract players in aerial combat, but ... Tank Crew has a different situation than the Air Simulator.

The 1) is not really necessary now... Players like to know the tank information. It is possible to show information about the tanks and hide in the planes. Hiding in airplanes is essential and important, people like to check the plane's instruments. And the 3) item are not possible in the Tank Crew because of vehicle limitations and because we only have only one tank battle.

BOS and Tank Crew can do only 2 years with full historical vehicles. 1942 and 1943. But air battles can "cover the history" from 1941 to 1945.
Panzer IIIL is a late Panzer III that entered service in 1942. T-34STZ is from 42 too, the rest is from Kursk in 43. And with only 12 tanks we have few and we need more to get the "really cool stuff".

So I'm going to make a list of historical and non-historical combinations that somehow make sense in my mind...

1941 Non historical.
Pz.III M            T-34 STZ
Pz.III L              KV-1S
(No Pz.IVG or maybe some in limited numbers)

1942 Non historical.
Pz. IVG         T-34 UVZ
Pz. III L          T-34 STZ
Pz. III M         KV-1S

1943 Full historic and can be played in the map of the only Tank Battle we have now, Prokhorovka.
All Tanks of TC and BOS, plus AA trucks.

1944-45 non historical scenario for Bodenplatte US Battle
Pz V D      M4A2
Pz IV G     SU-152
Pz III L      KV-1S

Of course ... there are several combinations that can be quite interesting and fun. I suggested just a few, but ... there are countless vehicle combinations and I just showed a few examples ...

What do you guys think? Although developers should create collector tanks, it would enrich the simulator.

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