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Pak Guns Inside Dot's - Should They Work?

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I have built a mission with Pak 38's placed inside a dot3 block. It seems to fit ok but does not fire. I know my fire control is correct as other units around them are firing so the triggers are good.


Has anyone else made this type of "marriage" (artillery / machine guns) inside bunkers, or are they just eye candy?


Any help / advice appreciated.




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If you can fit something like a machine gun inside the space, it will work.


Edit... When firing from inside the bunker, the current damage model of the bunker takes hits and prevents the projectiles from leaving the inside of the bunker. A larger gun damages its self and stops firing after the 1st round. It is a flawed damage model at the moment. This will require some more testing to see what blocks and vehicles are affected.



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On 2/22/2021 at 3:02 PM, Deacon352nd said:

I’ve put the mg34 and the lfh18 inside the bunkers and they work. You must have a lot of the muzzle exposed. 

Same for me. Exposing the muzzle the right length and it will work. Too short and the bunker explodes.


The Devs have improved the crane to ship collision model in the last update maybe they should improve this issue with the collision model for the bunkers susceptible to have guns positioned inside. 🙂 

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